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Our Business

World's largest directly operated restaurant chain

The Skylark Group, a pioneer in the family restaurant business in Japan, opened its first "Skylark" brand restaurant in Fuchu, Tokyo in 1970. Since then, we have developed many new brands to cater to the needs of different customers. Starting with Gusto, our flagship brand, we have over 3,000 restaurants serving Western, Chinese, Japanese, conveyer belt Sushi and Italian cuisines in Japan and Taiwan, and our business has expanded by leveraging the full scale and diversity of our operations.

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The only table service restaurant brand that has restaurants in all prefectures of Japan. Serving a wide variety of popular menus at affordable prices.


Serving popular Chinese dishes that are popular among Japanese people such as Ramen Noodles, Fried Rice and Gyoza Dumplings at affordable prices.


Serving dishes using distinctively premium ingredients especially for our female customers. Our restaurants are found mainly around the Tokyo metropolitan area.


Serving Japanese dishes using seasonal ingredients. We also offer 'All you can eat Shabu-Shabu' at an affordable price.

Steak Gusto

Serving delicious steak and hamburger dishes with a generous salad bar at affordable prices.

Grazie Gardens

An Italian restaurant serving authentic pasta and pizza dishes at affordable prices.


Enjoy authentic Japanese cuisine using premium seasonal ingredients in a warm and welcoming dining environment.

S Gusto

The S-Gusto comes from our motto 'Select', 'Small', 'Speed' and 'Smile'. We are a fast food restaurant serving original hamburgers and Tatsuta fried chicken dishes.


Conveyer belt Sushi restaurant that serves fresh seafood delivered daily from Tsukiji and other local fish markets, and made by our experienced sushi chefs.


Serving healthy and nutritiously balanced menus that uniquely combine Japanese, Western and Chinese dishes in a casual dining environment.


Serving a wide variety of Japanese menus using seasonal ingredients for 3 generation families-grand parents, parents and children.

Yumean Shokudo

Serving Udon and Soba noodles with our special broth soup, our concept is 'Enjoy an everyday Japanese meal in a casual environment'.


'All-you-can-eat' Shabu-shabu restaurant serving good quality meat and fresh vegetables with our original 'Sauce bar'.


Enjoy our Tonkatsu (pork cutlet) and Karaage (fried chicken) in our restaurant or at home.


Serving our signature premium Tonkatsu (pork cutlet) in a relaxing dining environment for family, female and senior customers.


Experience the relaxing atmosphere of our coffee shops that have the look and feel themed in 'highland resorts cafe'. We serve fresh brewed coffee and fluffy and melty pancakes.

Tomato and Onion

We serve many original dishes including the signature hamburger in a casual American home dining atmosphere.

Jyu-Jyu Karubi

Self-grill all-you-can-eat BBQ restaurant. We serve fresh and good quality meat and vegetables ordered from your table.


Located in the Shonan T-Site building, we serve home made roast beef and Italian dishes using fresh and high quality ingredients in a cozy environment.


Authentic French Confectionary and Delicatessen store located in major department stores, train stations and shopping centers.

Delivery Services

Each menu is made to order, and we deliver them fresh out of our kitchens. Enjoy our delicious menus at home or at work.


Our Take Out menu is perfect for the late night dinner after work or to take home to your family. You can also order online so you won't have to wait.