Compliance System

1. Basic Idea

Our group has established the Skylark Group Charter of Corporate Behavior, which is shared among all executives and employees. This charter ensures that everyone behaves in a sensible manner and complies with the laws, international rules and the spirit of the Group.
We position food safety and security as the highest priority issues, and make effort to thoroughly educate all executives and employees through the use of various manuals and other means.
In addition, we have stipulated the basis for compliance efforts in the Basic Policy on Internal Control. We administer the policy in an appropriate manner to improve the level of compliance and social credibility.

2. System for Promoting Compliance

The store manager plays a key role in compliance at the individual stores directly visited by customers. The manager offers services by following the manual, the checklist, and other materials, while an inspection group that functions independently of store operations checks to make sure that each store observes the measures outlined in these materials. CVP (Customer Voice Program), a questionnaire survey system to collect customer feedback and requests to improve services at stores, has also been introduced. In addition, we have established the customer service office as a vehicle to quickly respond to customer needs.
Our headquarters supports the operations of our stores. There, the Risk and Compliance Committee, which is made up of the President and CEO and all Managing Directors, discuss important matters regarding the compliance of our group and makes decisions on the basic policy. After a decision is made by the Risk and Compliance Committee, the group policy is reviewed and shared at the Group Compliance Meeting, which is attended by persons responsible for promoting compliance from each subsidiary company. Audits and reports are carried out regarding the level of compliance at each subsidiary company, the preventive measures against violations, and the investigation and remedial actions performed whenever a violation is found. The audit group checks and indicates whether the system for promoting compliance is functioning and operating appropriately.
Our group also has established the Skylark Group Help Line, which serves as the whistle-blowing section for the early detection, correction and prevention of recurring violations of internal rules and regulations. The Help Line is operated in accordance with the internal rules and handles instances of whistle-blowing from all executives and employees of our group companies.