From Establishment~1999

1962 April Our predecessor company, Kotobuki Foods Ltd. is founded
1969 July Restructured from a private limited company to a joint-stock company, Kotobuki Foods Co., Ltd..
1970 July First "Skylark" restaurant (Kunitachi store) opened in Fuchu-shi, Tokyo.
1974 November Trade name changed from Kotobuki Foods Co., Ltd. to Skylark Co., Ltd..
1977 December Central Kitchen Higashimatsuyama Factory (currently Higashimatsuyama Merchandising Center) established in Higashimatsuyama-shi, Saitama.
1978 July Registered as over-the-counter issues with Japan Securities Dealers Association.
1979 August First "Tomato and Onion"restaurant (Sogyo store) opens.
1979 December Kansai Distribution Center opens in Nishinomiya-shi, Hyogo.
1980 April First "Jonathan" restaurant (Nerima Takamatsu store) opens.
1982 January First Taiwan FC opened as franchise (currently Taiwan Skylark Co., Ltd.).
1982 August Listed in the second section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.
1983 November First "Aiya" restaurant (Yono Bypass store) opens .
1984 June Designated to the first section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.
1985 October Subsidiary Japan Cargo Co., Ltd. founded.
1986 April First "Bamiyan"restaurant (Tsurukawa store) opens.
1987 March Kansai Factory (currently Nishinomiya Merchandising Center) established in Nishinomiya-shi, Hyogo
1987 October Subsidiary company managing french cuisine restaurants, FLO Japon Co., Ltd. is founded.
1987 December NILAX Inc. is established under joint venture with Shin-Nittetsu Group
1988 April Aiya Akishima Fresh Center (currently Akishima Merchandising Center) is established in Akishima-shi, Tokyo.
1988 May Maebashi factory established in Maebashi-shi, Gunma.
1991 May Bamiyan Fujioka factory (currently Fujioka Merchandising Center) is established in Fujioka-shi, Gunma.
1992 March First "Gusto" restaurant (Kodaira store) opens.
1992 May Shisuii factory (currently Shisui Merchandising Center) is established in Inbagun, Chiba.
1994 January First "Yumean" restaurant (Shinyurigaoka store) opens.
1998 March Kanagawa factory (currently Sagamihara Merchandising Center) is established in Sagamiharashi, Kanagawa.
1998 April Subsidiary company that manages store maintenance, Japan C&C Co., Ltd. (currently Skylark D&M Co., Ltd.) is founded.
1998 June "Room Service" starts in Gusto Kodaira Megurita restaurant.
1998 December First "Jyu-Jyu Karubi" restaurant (Itami Horiike store) opens.
1999 June First "Totoyamichi" (Nerima Kasugacho store) opens.


2001 January First "S Gusto"(Akasaka store) opens.
2001 March First "Grazie Gardens"(Omiya Owada store) opens.
2001 May Gifu factory (currently Gifu Merchandising Center) is established in Kanigun, Gifu.
2001 November Kitakyushu factory (currently Kitakyushu Merchandising Center) is established in Kitakyushu-shi, Fukuoka.
2001 December First "Gusto" restaurant opens in Okinawa (Gusto Naha Shintoshin store). The group has succeeded in opening restaurants in all 47 prefectures in Japan.
2003 April NILAX Inc. made into wholly owned subsidiary.
2003 May Sendai factory (currently Sendai Merchandising Center) is established in Kurokawagun, Miyagi.
2003 November "Gusto" restaurant opens its 1000th store in Teramachi, Hachioji
2006 March Tomato and Associates Co., Ltd. is made subsidiary.
2006 June Takeover bid (MBO) for Skylark Co., Ltd. is announced.
2006 September Skylark delisted from the first section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange
2007 May First "Shabuyo"(Yokohama store) opens.
2008 August Makoto Tani is appointed President & Chief Executive Officer
2009 October "Skylark" restaurants completely close (Last restaurant to close: Kawaguchi Shingo store)
2010 March First "Steak Gusto"(Yamato store) opens.
2013 January Ralph Alvarez becomes Director and Chairman
2014 October Skylark listed on the first section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.
2015 March First "MUSASHINO MORI COFFEE"(Mutsukawa store) opens.
2015 April First "Miwami"restaurant (LaLaPort Fujimi store) opens.
2015 April First "chawan" restaurant opens in LaLaPort Tokyo Bay.
2015 May First "Syabuyo" restaurant opens in Taiwan.
2015 September First "Yumean Shokudo" restaurant (Chofu store) opens.
2016 January Shift to Holding Company system
2016 June First "Tonkaratei" restaurant (Souka Yanagishima store) opens.
2016 August First "Katsukyu" restaurant (Yamato Tsuruma store) opens.
2017 June First "La Ohana" restaurant (Yokohama Honmoku store) opens.
2017 October First "Karayoshi" restaurant (Saitama Saido store) opens.
2018 July Company name changed from Skylark Co., Ltd. to SKYLARK HOLDINGS CO., LTD..

Origin of Brand Names

Origin of the 'Skylark' logo

Our brand name "Skylark" comes from the image of the skylark bird flying high into the clear blue sky.
Our predecessor company, Kotobuki Foods Ltd. started in 1962 in Hoya-shi (currently Nishitokyo-shi) as a small dry food store in the corner of the Hibarigaoka (translated as skylark) Housing Complex. In 1970, when the group opened its first Skylark Family Restaurant in Fuchu-shi, Kunitachi, they named the restaurant Skylark so as not to forget their spirit of entrepreneurship.

Each restaurant name has the folllowing brand significance

  • The hyperlink destinations are written in Japanese.

'Gusto' in spanish means 'to like' and 'to enjoy tasting'. We offer a casual home-like dining experience with great tasting food at affordable prices.

The name comes from the ancient city of Bamiyan in Afghanistan. Bamiyan is a city that existed along the ancient silk road, a city where eastern and western culture merged. It was a trading hub and also a place where merchants stopped to rest after travelling from afar. Bamiyan restaurants aspire to become a place where people gather, rest and have a great time.

Jonathan's has been inspired by the all american coffee shop. The restaurant has been named after a popular boy's name in America with the aim of becoming a casual restaurant with a friendly atmosphere providing food and services at affordable prices.

The restaurant was named after Ryu Keiichiro's novel "Ichimuan furyuki". The main character in the novel is a man who was modern with a unique sense of beauty, who disliked catering to powerful or authoritative figures and always had an objective view of society. Yume-an is an embodiment of this concept, a slightly fancy restaurant where people can dress up and have a unique experience at affordable prices.

The restaurant concept is 'Casual Feast'. Named for serving delicious steak and humburger dihes with a generous salad bar in the casual dining atmosphere like Gusto.

'Grazie' means 'Thank you' in italian. Our logo comes from the 'G' in Grazie. We serve authentic pasta and pizza made after the order is taken. We also have a variety of antipasto and salads using seasonal vegetables and produce and serve all our dishes at affordable prices.

'Ai' is the color indigo in Japanese, and the restaurant name comes from the chinese proverb 'Although blue dye comes from the indigo plant、it is bluer than indigo' (meaning the student may outgrow the teacher). This name was chosen in the hope that Aiya will grow and exceed its 'teacher' -Skylark.

The 'S' in S Gusto stands for 'Select', 'Special', 'Small', 'Speed' and 'Smile'. We are a fast food restaurant, located near train stations within the Tokyo metropolitan area and serve our original fast food menu including our signature Hamburger dishes.

During the Edo era, fresh fish caught in the waters of Fukae, Hyogo was carried by merchants over the steep Rokko mountains to the Arima Onsen (Hotsprings). This path became known as the 'Totoyamichi' (Totoya path). Our restaurant was named after this path, where merchants worked hard to deliver fresh fish to the guests staying at the onsen and also because it symbolizes our quest to search for fresh and great tasting food.