I can use Free Wi-Fi

Free Wi-Fi is available at all Skylark(すかいらーく)stores nationwide!

Free Wi-Fi sticker

A sticker is affixed
I can use it in a shop.
※ Some stores are not handled

Store list
Store list

You can connect the Free Wi-Fi
by ONE TAP registration system
You can connect with one tap

ONE TAP registration system One-tap method

  • STEP 1
    STEP 1

    Select SSID: ".Wi2_Free_at_ [SK.GROUP]" on the setting screen of the terminal and start the browser on the terminal.

    SSID: Select the “.Wi2_Free_at_[SK.GROUP]” in the setting screen of your device and open the browser.

  • STEP 2
    STEP 2

    Read the terms and conditions and select "I agree."

    Read the Terms of Use and select “Accept”.

  • STEP 3

    Connect to the Internet!
    Available for 60 minutes.
    After 60 minutes, you can connect after re-authentication.

    You can use the Internet! To keep connecting to Wi-Fi over 60 min. Please sign up again.

​ ​Q & A on Free Wi-Fi​ ​​ ​

  • Q.

    ​ ​​ ​Do I need to register an account to use this service?​ ​


    No. Registration is not required. You can connect with one tap simply by accepting the terms of use. You can connect with one tap by simply relating to the terms of service.

  • Q.

    ​ ​​ ​Is there a charge for this service?​ ​


    ​ ​No, It’s free of charge.

  • Q.

    ​ ​Can I use this service on a PC?​ ​


    ​ ​Yes, You can use it on PC, tablet PC, and smartphone.​ ​

  • Q.

    ​ ​The login screen does not appear.​ ​


    Are you connected to “. Wi2_Free_at_ [SK.GROUP]”?
    If the login screen is not displayed, enter "a.wi2.co.jp (A.dot.two.dot.dot.jp)" in the URL of the browser.
    If you cannot connect, please contact the following contact information. Are you connecting to SSID ".Wi2_Free_at_ [SK.GROUP]" yet?
    (Please connect to SSID ".Wi2_Free_at_ [SK.GROUP]") When you could not view display for login despite connected the SSID, Please input "a.wi2.co.jp" in the URL Address bar.
    If all else fails, please contact to the following contact URL.

  • Q.

    ​ ​How many minutes can I use?​ ​


    Yes. It can be used for 60 minutes per authentication. After 60 minutes, you can connect by re-authentication. (There is no limit) After 60 minutes has passed, you may use the service again by performing another verification. There is no restriction on the number of times when verification can be performed. ).

​ ​​ ​If you have any other questions,​ ​
​ ​Please do not hesitate to call us.​ ​

Free Wi-Fi contact information

​ ​Wire and Wireless Co., Ltd.​ ​

0120-985-805 (Japanese, English / open all year round 9: 00-22: 00) Japanese / English Open all year round / 9: 00-22: 00

​ ​https://service.wi2.ne.jp/wi2net/contact/​ ​​ ​​ ​Japanese / English​ ​

※ Depending on the model you have, it may not be available.