Social Media Official Account List

Social Media Policy

Approach to social media

We will engage with social media in accordance with the corporate philosophy of Skylark Holdings Holdings Co., Ltd.

Also, understand that you can not completely delete information posted once, try to make sensible remarks / postings so that you do not misunderstand the viewer with responsibility for your words.

Disclaimer section

Social media was used Octopus , Or it can not be used due to some cause Octopus We do not assume any responsibility for any damage caused by the customer caused by.
Information sent from social media does not guarantee the accuracy and completeness of information due to the characteristics of social media.
Our official opinion / announcement is on our website ) And news release.

Official account community guidelines

The Official Account Community Guidelines (the "Community Guidelines") use an official account on social media ("Official Account") that we establish under the social media policy It defines the rules for when. In order to realize better communication, please read through and understand it before use.

Official account community guidelines

Compliance with our Terms of Use and this social media policy

When using all official accounts for all users, it is necessary to observe the terms of use defined in each social media and this community guideline. "When using an official account" means to post, comment, etc. on our official account.

Operational account




X (old: twitter)

Access to your basic information

Confirm the access permission to name, profile photo, gender, network, user ID, friend list, information published to all other users, if you continue, agree to this community guideline Octopus And will be.


  • We are not responsible for any content posted by users.
  • Please understand beforehand that we can not reply to all posts / DM (direct message) received from everyone.
  • It is not meant to follow every user who follows the official account. Also, even if the user does not follow the official account, the official account may follow you.
  • We may "like" or "repost" user posts from our official account.
  • We are not responsible for any damage caused by troubles between users or between users and third parties.
  • Texts, software, music, sounds, pictures, graphics, videos, page layouts, designs and any other content that the user posts to the official account may be copyright, trademark rights, rights to service marks, We will post it after confirming that it is protected by other ownership rights and laws.
  • Used official account Octopus , Or for some reason can not be used Octopus We are not responsible for any damage whatsoever caused by you and our company as administrator. In addition, we can not answer about the system operation situation of each social media, the question of technical question, the question about software function and usage method etc.
  • Management of official accounts may be terminated and deleted without notice.

Deletion matter

In order to realize better communication in the official account, please do not post to the official account corresponding to the following deletion matter. We may delete applicable posts (comments, photos, videos, links and other contents) as necessary.

  1. Write commercials and URLs for commercial purposes for myself or a third party
  2. Write down as opposed to slander slander · public order and morals
  3. Writing that violates the rights of others (copyright, trademark rights, portrait rights, etc.)
  4. Expressions that other users become obnoxious (obscene, violent, cruel expression, discriminatory expression, etc.)
  5. Interruption of smooth operation or inconvenience to others
  6. Representation that gives misunderstanding to all people, such as individual experiences and impressions, unfounded rumor stories, etc.
  7. Writing about religion / thought
  8. Private information (eg yourself or someone else's mail address, phone number, address etc.)
    * In the unlikely event we will delete the personal information promptly.
  9. Writing using other person's name · handle name, writing of so-called "spoofing"
  10. Other companies' names and other companies英語商品名, Such as expression compared with other companies
  11. Advertisement · Affiliate, etc. for advertisement / solicitation
  12. Act of posting or sending harmful computer programs etc
  13. Use of official account of minors, writing posts / comments
  14. Including content not related to the content of the official account
  15. Contents judged to be contrary to the terms of use of each social media
  16. In addition, in managing the official account, remarks / works that the administrator deemed inappropriate

Notes on contents of description and information etc.

  • Information such as comments, images, moving images, etc. posted to the official account may be posted on printed matter, newsletter, website, etc. for the purpose of promoting advertisement, promotion, visit to the store without obtaining our consent. Even in this case, we will not be obliged to display the user name of the original posting. Also, even if the content to be developed, published, and sold in the future are similar to the content posted, no remuneration, rights related to development, etc. will be incurred for those who contributed.
  • Copyrights of copies of posts / comments delivered from official accounts and other rights such as images and videos belong to rights holders authorized by official accounts and official accounts.
  • The official account does not guarantee the accuracy and completeness of the information for that posted / comment content.

Change of service, contract

We will be able to change this community guidelines without user's consent.

privacy policy

In case of obtaining personal information from users, we will properly manage based on the handling of our personal information protection policy and personal information.