How to enjoy Syabuyo(しゃぶ葉)

How to enjoy Syabuyo(しゃぶ葉)

Let's order!

Choose a soup stock

In addition to the basic white dashi for Shabu shabu shabu, you can choose your favorite hot pot dashi from several types, including sukiyaki dashi and limited-edition dashi.

The best meal is a Japanese pot!

Choose meat

The type of meat varies from course to course, so please choose your favorite course. Course of brand meat is also available for a limited time.

There is also an All-you-can-eat sushi course! There is also a special menu only available at Senchi!
Illustration of a person choosing a course

Let's get ready!

Let's prepare while waiting for meat.

Salad There are about 20 types of fresh vegetables in the bar, more than 5 kinds of sardines BAR and more than 10 types of condiment BAR.

Salad Bar image
Barrel · condiment Bar image
One person welcome! I wonder if I take too little picture

Let's try various combinations!
Original Saga

  • The most popular! Sauce image

    Ponzu sauce Maple maplet Leek

  • Sauce image

    Sesame seed Black pepper

  • CarrierNoodleWant to watch!? Sauce image

    Sesame sauce,Nibbles, chilioil

  • Sauce image

    Cuts of onion
    Grated ginger

  • Sauce image

    Ponzu sauce White sesame Thinking

Let's Shabu shabu!

Meat and vegetables to your heart's content
Let's eat instead!

An illustration
Average meat instead of 4 to 6 dishes per person
Cooking picture
Cooking picture
Cooking picture
Cooking picture
Cooking picture
Cooking picture
Cooking picture
Cooking picture
Cooking picture

This is also All-you-can-eat!
A very satisfying side dish

  • Side menu image

    Rice How many cups
    Eat and OK

  • Side menu image

    curry Meat plenty
    Special curry

  • Side menu image

    Fresh vegetables dressing
    so Salad To!

Of course, all-All-you-can-drink! A well-stocked drink bar

Free refiles of beverages! + 272 yen (299 yen including tax) / person

  • drink bar image

    Soft Drink Popular Drinks
    We have a wide selection of

  • drink bar image

    hot Postprandial
    looking forward to

In fact, it's popular among women too! All-you-can-drink alcohol

[Happy hour price (until 16:00)]
+ 1,199 yen (1,319 yen including tax) / 1 person each
[Regular price (after 16:00)]
+ 1,399 yen (1,539 yen including tax) / 1 person each

  • BEER/WINE image

    Draft beer

  • BEER/WINE image

    Two types of wine

  • BEER/WINE image

    Fruit wine

  • BEER/WINE image

    drink bar

*The all-you-can-All-you-can-drink time is 80 minutes before 4pm and 100 minutes after 4pm. * All-you-can-drink time for the 60-minute all-you-can-All-you-can-eat course is 60 minutes. * Asahi Dry Zero is excluded. *The types of alcohol vary depending on the season and store. *We also accept single item orders. *We do not sell alcohol to drivers or customers under the age of 20.


Finish with Rice and noodles

It's a classic risotto, udon and chinese foodNoodlePut in and enjoy the last pot of miso soup with meat and vegetables.


How about this combination? Death

  • Udon + curry + white
  • Curry udon which soup worked!

Sweets are different belly!

All-you-can-eat and all-you-can-make sweets

You can make all your own sweets, such as Soft Serve, waffles, and Shaved Ice. You can also choose as many syrups and toppings as you like!

※ Waffles are not carried out at stores.

Soft Serve
Shaved Ice

How about this combination? Suites

  • Soft Serve + waffle
  • Luxury waffle soft

Thank you for the meal!

Thank you for the meal
  • I can not wait anymore! <br> Find a shop right away
  • Which meat would you like? <br> View menu
  • Learn more about Syabuyo(しゃぶ葉)
  • How to eat delicious Shabu shabu

* Meat types and menu contents may differ.

※ Grip sushi offer course Course implementation and offer time will vary depending on the store.

*Orders for drinks and BEER/WINE will be charged separately.

※ Waffles are not carried out at stores.