Syabuyo(しゃぶ葉) is

Delicious meat and fresh vegetables All-you-can-eat of
Shabu shabu It is a specialty store
Meat you can choose, soup, tangle,
With condiments etc.
To various taste
It is a place to meet
In addition to fresh vegetables,
Side menu and
Drinks are also substantial
Can make it yourself Dessert Is also popular
Make it delicious and enjoyable
Let's eat!

Syabuyo(しゃぶ葉) The thought of

There is a place where everyone can smile Shabu shabu More easily, fun.
From such feelings, Syabuyo(しゃぶ葉) Has started.
Syabuyo(しゃぶ葉) Will deliver
Not to mention delicious food,
It is an "experience" to enjoy with your family and friends.
Syabuyo(しゃぶ葉) Then, anyone from children to adults
We continue to devise ways to have fun.
Please enjoy it to your heart's content.

Photo: Shabu shabu

Skylark Group So ...
safe and secure

  • Procurement route of ingredients

    Syabuyo(しゃぶ葉) The ingredients used in the experienced buyers
    I regularly go to local farms and processing factories all over the world including Japan and check the sanitation management finely
    We are able to supply safe and fresh ingredients to all our customers steadily.

  • A thorough inspection system

    Skylark Group There is a department called the quality assurance department and we are doing business to achieve "all kinds of actions to protect customers' lives from foods" which is the definition of our quality.
    Here we mainly conduct bacteriological examinations, sanitary examinations of shops and factories, etc. and check if the foods provided to customers are safe.
    There are about 170 kinds of inspection standards for bacteria testing to set reference values for each food.
    Only foods that have cleared all the rigorous inspections line up at the table.

  • Thorough management at shops

    The ingredients delivered to the shop are preserved under thorough hygiene control.
    We thoroughly manage the in-house expiration date, first put out what we put in first, check the expiration date of ingredients and refrigerator temperature twice a day, as well as the rule of "first-in first-out", the deadline is approaching We are listing things.
    Foodstuffs are ordered as much as you need the night before the day and will arrive the next day so you can cook and serve more fresh ingredients at the shop.
    In addition, in the warehouse, we decide rules and decide rules, such as creating a stationary table where you can see what food ingredients and seasonings are stored, or not placing raw vegetables under meat that needs thawing.