About Shabu shabu

The origins of Shabu shabu

"Shabu shabu" is a dish in which thinly sliced meat and other ingredients are quickly dipped in broth boiled in a pot, cooked, and then eaten with dipping sauce. There are several theories about the origin of Shabu shabu.
There is a hot pot dish in Beijing, China called "Shuang Yang Rou," which is Shabu shabu made with lamb.
In 1945, Yoshida Shoya, a folk art activist who was assigned to Beijing as a military doctor during the war, told Nishigaki Mitsuaki, the second-generation owner of the Kyoto restaurant "Junidan-ya," and after two years of trial and error, which included substituting beef for lamb, he perfected a new hot pot dish known as "beef mizutaki."
This was the original dish that became Shabu shabu.

Why "Shabu shabu"?

The strange name "Shabu shabu" is said to have been coined by Tadakazu Miyake of Suehiro, a long-established restaurant in Osaka, when he served it in his restaurant in 1952 (Showa 27).
It is said that this originated from the fact that the shop staff washed the towels in a basin, and the way they rinsed them resembled the way meat was simmered in a pot.

Delicious Shabu shabu-shabu
how to eat

"Shabu-Shabu shabu has the strong impression of being a simple dish that only requires a quick cooking, but there are some points to make it even more delicious.

◆ The temperature of hot water just before boiling

Please lower the temperature if you boiled so as not to miss the taste of the meat.
It is recommended that ashes will not come out.

Which meat or vegetable ahead?

Normally, it is said that it is better to put vegetables later where fresh meat is sourced, but vegetables such as cabbages and stems that are difficult to get through should be placed first.
Especially from mushrooms, umami comes out.
Please put it slowly so that the temperature does not go down at the same time.

◆ Shabu shabu each piece of meat

Beef is best eaten when it has been Shabu shabu-broken 2-3 times and turns pink.
Please cook the pork thoroughly until it is cooked through.
However, be careful not to overcook it as it will toughen the meat.

◆ Scoop up the lye a little

The lye which the flesh's blood and protein set in hot water became the source of the smell,
It is accompanied by bitterness. Please scoop up in small sparks and enjoy the original taste of the material.

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